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Welcome to the web pages of the private initiative "Horizon Astronomy in the Ruhr Area" (abbreviation Initia Horae, lat.: origin of time). Here, you can find all information related to our goals, our mission and our main project - the establishment of an Astronomical Theme Park including a Horizon Observatory on top of one of the many slagheaps in the Ruhr Area.

We provide information on the philosophy and the cornerstones of the project and keep you up to date on already started phases of construction and other progress.

Furthermore, the private initiative Initia Horae promotes the basic astronomical knowledge through development and publishing downloadable educational teaching materials and resources.


4th January 2011
Solar eclipse - Rise of the crescent sun - At this day, the sun rises at
8.36 h CET as a partial ecplise. The maximum will occur at 9.18 h with a
coverage of 78%, and it will end at 10.42 h. If skies are clear, members
of the intiative will be there at 8.20 h.

21st December 2010
Winter solstice and lunar eclipse! - A lunar eclipse will occur on the
day of this year's winter solstice. It can be partially watched from the
horizon observatory. The full moon will enter the shadow of the earth at
6.28 h CET. The winter sun will rise jointly with the set of the moon at
8.34 h, just before the eclipse reaches the phase of totality. The sun
will pass through the eastern winter solstice window at 8.59 h. If the
weather is good, members of the initiative will be present from 6.15 h.
The sun will later pass the western winter solstice window at 16.00 h,
before it finally sets at 16.24 h. If weather allows observing, members
of the initiative will be there at 15.45 h.

21st June 2010
Summer solstice - The sun reaches its highest elevation at the day of
the summer solstice. It will rise at 5.12 h CEST and pass through the
north eastern solstice window at 5.35 h. The corresponding event around
sunset occuring at 21.54 h CEST can be observed at 21.34 h, when the sun
will pass the north western window. We will meet at the observatory for
the evening event at 21.00 h CEST.

20th December 2008
Inauguration of the horizon observatory
One day before winter solstice the horizon observatory is inaugurated

8th November 2008
The 'Landschaftspark Hoheward' is opened by the secretary for the environment Eckhard Uhlenberg. On this evening 10,000 people visit the horizon observatory and watch the lightshow and concert

Summer 2008
The horizon surface is being paved and the bearung marks are set up.

21st June 2008
Within the 'Nacht der Industriekultur' the building site could be viewed.

13th June 2008
The erecting scaffolding has been removed, the arcs are now free standing.

29th May 2008
The last arc segment has been assembled. The arc of the horizon observatory are therefore completed.

12th February 2008
Laying of the foundation stone for the horizon observatory – present were the district president, district administrator, mayor of Herten and Recklinghausen as well as representatives of the DSK and the RVR.
The building works will be completed in the autumn 2008 and can be viewed any time from a specially erected visitor platform.

The overall project has a new name and a own logo:

"Hoheward - Der Landschaftspark."

Logo - Hoheward - Der Landschaftspark.

14th May 2006
Official inauguration of the landscape park Emscherbruch and clearance of the completed parts of the slag heap by the northrhein-westphalien secretary of environment.

17th May 2005
Opening ceremony of the obelisk on the slag heap, during which the obelisk is flown in by helicopter.

11th August 2004
Ground breaking for the obelisk building site.

19th March 2003
Founding of the private initiative “Initiativekreis Horizontastronomie im Ruhrgebite e.V.”.

18th September 2000
The idea of a calender observatory for the 21st century is presented for the first time to the scientific community at the conference of the german astronomical association in Bremen.

Autumn 1999
In the year of the solar eclipse over Germany the idea of a “modern Stonehenge” is born in the observatory Recklinghausen. The idea also inspires astronomers at the Ruhr-University Bochum and representatives of the “Kommunalverband Ruhrgebiet” (now “Regionalverband Ruhrgebiet”) that are responsible for designing landmarks on slag heaps.



Horizon Observatory
Horizon Observatory
The Obelisk
The Obelisk
Halde Hoheward
Halde Hoheward
Astronomical Park
Astronomical Park
Visitors' Center
Visitors' Center
Private Initiative
Private Initiative

Logo - Initiativkreis Horizontastronomie

Logo - Hoheward - Der Landschaftspark.

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